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The Cheat Sheets: A One-Pager Guide To Conscious Digital Design

Introducing the first edition of the Cheat Sheets for digital design and development.

The Cheat Sheet is a one-page guide aimed to provide easy access to tips and tricks for creatives to integrate sustainable practices into their work. In this edition, we created two versions of the sheets, one for designers and one for developers. Both sheets are complementary to each other and focus mainly on practices advancing sustainability in digital design.  

The Cheat Sheets are ongoing resources, where we aim to branch out and provide in-depth approaches to various phases in both digital design and development for professionals working in the creative industry. It is packed with useful information, including tips on how to reduce energy consumption, ways to use sustainable resources, and methods for designing products and buildings that have a minimal impact on the environment.

Additionally, it includes information on the latest tools and references that are available to help designers and developers create consciously.

Ultimately, the Cheat Sheets are a call to action for anyone looking to make a positive impact on the environment through their work in the design and development industry.

Let us know what areas of design and development we should navigate in the upcoming editions.

Each quarter we calculate how many downloads we get and offset the emissions through a High-impact Gold Standard carbon credits initiative. We'll publish this contribution at the end of every quarter. 

Written by Wonderland Team

20 January 2023

An initiative
by Wonderland