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Reimagining Sustainable Digital Design

We first soft-launched SDD in January this year, originally with the goal of using it as a platform where we could experiment and educate the wider creative community about how creatives could implement Sustainable Digital Design practices into their own businesses.

However, the longer we sat on the idea, researched around the concept, and tried to develop our first vision of SDD, the more we realised that we could offer much more. To that end, we’re pivoting our initial SDD goal. Sustainable Digital Design will remain a hub of knowledge and information, however, the content within will now be generated in collaboration with the wider creative community. During our early days, we realised that there are a plethora of creatives out there with a wealth of knowledge of their own who we can connect and collaborate with to educate and inform the creative community about SDD best practices.

  So, with this information in mind, we’ve realigned the platform to focus more on working with and sharing insights from the wider creative community, rather than just our own insights and experiments. To do this, we will feature perspectives from the greatest and most inspirational creatives, founders, and builders we can get our hands on. Our new vision for SDD is to turn it into a knowledge hub that will reach and inspire creative people across any and all categories and sectors, as well as see our peer-reviewed and written content frequently cited and shared by influential people and publications covering the space.

  While we’re still early in this journey, our ambition is huge. Already we’ve met with numerous digital creatives across a variety of disciplines to understand how they approach Sustainable Digital Design, and how they’ve incorporated SDD into their own practices. In the coming weeks, we will continue our interviews as well as begin turning them into freely accessible resources to help you reimagine your own approach to Sustainable Digital Design.

  If you have ideas or have worked to develop your own ways of working sustainably - especially when it comes to digital design - we’d love to hear from you. You can reach us at 

Written by Theo de Monchy

17 August 2022

An initiative
by Wonderland