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Our favourite digital sustainable tools

Want to browse more sustainably but not sure where to start? We've put together a list of some of our favourite online sustainable initiatives to help give you a head start.


Concerned about your energy consumption in the hours of video conferencing you’re doing, look no further than Crewdle. Crewdle connects users directly to each other eliminating the need for servers and allows streams to travel the shortest distance possible while using the least amount of energy. Our team was amazed at the how HD our images were compared to other more popular

Ecoping is on a mission to clean up the internet, a mission that is aligned to ur own. Ecoping is an analytics tool to track the carbon footprint of your website so that you can improve this over time.


A not for profit search engine that puts all its ad revenue into planting trees. Most of us use a search engine on the web multiple times a day so what’s the excuse to do it in any other way than by planting trees?


Cabin is a cookie free, independent analytics platform. Analytics, ads and tracking are energy intensive components of a site or platform. Disconnecting from these allows us to make digital products and services lighter and data privacy clearer and more transparent.


Do you know that every email comes with a carbon footprint, albeit small in the grand scale of things millions of emails are sent a day so this adds up. Cleanfox removes unread newsletters that sit in your email inbox reducing your carbon footprint.

We're sure there are plenty more do good digital products out there that we're yet to discover, we will continue to update and grow this list to help to promote sustainable online activity from every corner of the web. If you're reading this and have some you'd like to share please get in touch and we can include them in an updated list.

Written by Joanna Overton

18 March 2022

An initiative
by Wonderland