An initiative
by Wonderland


Let's awaken to the fact that our seemingly small digital actions hold immense power to shape the future of our planet, its environment, and the lives of our people.

By making conscious choices online, we can create a better tomorrow and leave a positive impact on the world! Join us in our mission to design a sustainable digital future! The Sustainable Digital Design initiative is a call to action for creative communities to take responsibility for the impact of their production (and consumption) online.

As digital creatives, we have the power to shape the future with every pixel and line of code. That's why we're leading the charge towards a more conscious approach to design, development and onlin creativity in general, one that prioritises the health of our planet and its people.

Let's challenge the status quo and break free from standard industry practices that harm the environment. Instead, let's come together to explore new and innovative solutions, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and drive meaningful change in the world through our work.

As an initiative emerging from a digital design studio, we share the responsibility of taking action alongside creative communities towards making our output count positively towards the environment.

We do so by shifting how we design and build our products, fostering conversations and deconstructing norms, and pushing back against standard industry practices that no longer serve the community and the environment.

Our Manifesto

As an initiative, we aim to be:

  • Conscientious

    Sustainable Digital Design will be powered by sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources. At its core, it will seek to reduce its environmental impact and to care for the planet as much as possible with the resources available.

  • Accessible

    Sustainable Digital Design will share the latest news and information about the unfolding climate crisis, communicating in ways that are easy-to-understand and relevant to people's lives.

  • Open

    Sustainable Digital Design will contribute to open source networks in order to inspire people, break down barriers, and get people involved.

  • United

    Sustainable Digital Design will seek communities of like-minded people, enforce an inclusive approach, and prioritise contributions for the good of the planet and society at large.

  • Evolving

    Sustainable Digital Design will strive to constantly evolve and remain ahead of the curve with regards to its content, service(s), and commitments.

An initiative by Wonderland

Join us in our quest to empower the creative community with the knowledge and tools needed to design a more sustainable future! The Sustainable Digital Design platform is not just about educating ourselves, but also about equipping the wider creative community with the resources they need to make a difference.

Our ultimate goal is to spread awareness and drive change. We want to inspire partner agencies, clients, and other creatives to reassess their own systems and make the shift towards sustainability. By working together and sharing best practices, we can create a ripple effect that leads to a more conscious and responsible approach to digital design.

Together, let's lead the charge towards a brighter, greener future for our planet and its people. Join us on our mission to make every digital design decision count!

Our Partners

We started this journey with a small community around us, today our connection is growing greater and further, reaching fellow creatives from all over the world.

We are on a quest to explore new approaches to sustainability in digital design and wider creative industries. The knowledge we cultivate together in this community turns into practices, and the practices translate into mindsets.

Every creative contributing to our platform with their knowledge and expertise helps us keep this knowledge chain flowing. We aim to expand our interviews and collaborations with all creatives interested in joining us on a mission to root for climate-conscious design. We feel grateful to share this journey with driven individuals who teach us how unlimited and positive creativity can be every step of the way.

Want to get involved?

This is a community space for people to share ideas, provide experiments, ask questions and discover new resources. Feel free to get involved and tell your friends <3

An initiative
by Wonderland